Custom Double Cut

F style blue grass mandolin - Attempt

This starting with a look around on the internet at mandolins. First of all I had no intention of making one. BUT I was hocked on the little beauties. I started off by making templates jigs and fixtures.

Drum Sander

I needed a drum sander, Problem is at £1500 to £2000 they a not cheap at all and there was no way I could afford that yet.

Struggling On

I'm struggling on after having both hands in casts a year ago. My hands are aching and swell up if I overdo the carving on a guitar body or neck.

Who are barton guitars

Who are Barton Guitars?

Who are Barton Guitars? Well, to get things staight, I am just one person enjoying my time at making guitars.

I once heard that a "Master" is a person that has perfected the way to make something, by learning how not to make it a few thousand times first. I feel I have a few thousand more mistakes to go before I master the art of guitar making.

For me this adventure began by making a guitar for my son, it didn't turn out too bad. Then I made another, and another and I was off, I can't stop now. I have made so many templates, jigs, fixtures, I don't want to bin them, so why stop there? So out of my small workshop, I produce some handmade guitars, I feel they would be worthy of a home with an accomplished musical artist. Now some very close friends and family have been pestering me to sell my guitars, and set up a website to show them off. So that my dear reader, is the beginning of this website right here.

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