Drum Sander

I needed a drum sander, Problem is at £1500 to £2000 they a not cheap at all and there was no way I could afford that yet.

So I ended up designing and making one for the job.


I Had some aluminiumn box section and a floor sander motor, all I needed to purchase was a couple of saddle barrings. Making and getting the drum barrel to run true was the most difficult part but the enjoyment making it was worth the effort. With a couple of adjustments on how I raise the bed and keep it stable, I found a new screw jack opener in my shed and that works great. There is a hood that fits the entire drum head with an extractor hose, that is truly a must have attachment.

I have to hand feed the wood through as it has no power drive, still it does the job really well.

The whole thing cost me no more than £20.

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