F style blue grass mandolin - Attempt


This starting with a look around on the internet at mandolins. First of all I had no intention of making one. BUT I was hocked on the little beauties. I started off by making templates jigs and fixtures.

I did a lot of reading too. There are loads of books out there on the subject. I have one by Siminoff its a real good reference to have.

His ideas are good and well founded. I Have though found that there are more up to date methods. Some of the items aformentioned would have been better made with these methods and ideas gleaned from other sources.

You may notice, Well I'm going to point it out. I used kerffing that was meant for a guitar, thats the impatience in me coming out. I have since made them with the right size kerffing.

My six year old grandson Milo came to visit and noticed the mandolins being made. With the biggest smile and a sparkel in his eyes he says " Granddad is that one for me?" "Errr, OK Milo " Oh my how could I NOT say no to him, now he can't wait for me to finish it.

The biggest struggle i'm having is finding a decent suppier for tonewood tops. It's a nightmare!! IF I want to get it from the U.S the postage is as much as the tone wood. I also found out that fedex change you a handling fee at the door when delivering it. WHAT!

Trying to get some from europe is just as bad, its either out of stock or just not available. Its driving me nuts looking.

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