Westbury Track2 Bass

This bass was given me to restore and set up december 2015.

IMG 2178

IT had a broken bridge that I incorrectly thought was no longer available. I was pleased to know that I Could get one from allparts.

IMG 2180

The neck had a slight twist in it, the wiring was knackard and the bridge broken. After taking it to bits reseting the neck, crowning the frets,sorting out the wiring. I gave the tuners a cleanup, polish and oil. Then restringing it with British made ROTOSOUND ROTO BASS 40s. I set the action how I like it, adjusted the pickup hight. I then gave it back to the client. She had asked me to to sort this bass out for her husband, after she had snuck the bass out from his studio collection, and hoped he would not notice. He had the bass for 16 years or more in this poor state, and had always wanted to get it fixed up. He was so suprised and happy with the outstanding sound from this thing, that he cried. "WoW I was'nt expecting that said his wife". Neither was I !

IT's sound is rather good!

IMG 2179

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